We can assist you if you are seeking a UX design expert to transform your product ideas into clickable prototypes. It is not a problem if you are short of funds and would like to move forward more quickly. Our flexible payment options allow you to pay in cash / equity now or within one year.

How does it work

Get in touch

Please send us a brief description of your requirements. Upon receiving your project, we will contact you with the next steps if our skills, expertise, interest, and bandwidth match your requirements.

Design together

Together, we can plan the scope and outcome, as well as estimate the effort and cost. Upon mutual agreement, we begin converting your use cases into UX-rich product designs.

The solution can be reviewed together and iterations can be made if necessary. As soon as the solution is finalized, we will provide you with a high-fidelity prototype, source file, and design system using Figma.

All product information is kept confidential by us, and we even sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Pay now or later

Our flexible payment options allow you to pay now or later. It is possible to pay in cash / equity in either case.

Pay now
We work on a fixed hourly rate of 100 GBP + VAT. We provide an estimate and payment schedule based on the effort needed for your project.

Pay later
Do you lack funds and wish to make some progress as quickly as possible? No problem, we offer a pay later option. Get the work done now and pay back within one year!

In this case, there will be a registration fee of 250 GBP + VAT before beginning the project, as well as an hourly rate of 120 GBP + VAT. It is also necessary to sign a payment schedule agreement and submit some additional documents in order to take advantage of this option.

About us

We are a design studio based in London with over 15 years of experience in the field. Our goal is to create modern, trending, simple, and user-friendly solutions that are easy to use and bring a great user experience. We believe that easy-to-use products are easy to sell. Due to lack of detail, presentation quality, funds, etc., many product ideas dissolve very early on. Moreover, we wanted to assist innovators by delivering high-fidelity, presentable and easy-to-implement designs for their dream products even if they are lacking funds.

Contact us at info@redsandgreens.com


Get in touch

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Email: info@redsandgreens.com